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I have been involved with the internet continually since my student days in the early 90s, playing around with on the University of Heidelberg’s Unix cluster. I remember very well the first time I used NCSA Mosaic to load another university’s web site, and it is astounding to me where the internet and the web have gone from there as everyday tools for all people.

My life has been nomadic – personally and professionally. I have been a graduate student in France (for too long), worked in an archive, taught English to French teens, made web sites for after-school clubs and small businesses and between 2006 and 2011, earned my livelihood in technology operations and internal consulting for a marketing technology company in the UK. That time was one of professional and technical growth — I worked on my tech chops, learnt Python (and a lot of SQL).  In 2011, I made the big jump back to science and research by moving to Alaska where I am now working in geophysics. My job gets me to travel to the Arctic north slope, and if I wanted, I could easily ask a real Eskimo about the number of words for snow. See my LinkedIn profile for the professional bits.

I am the creator and main maintainer of the Eggcorn Database, a site for amateur and professional linguists.

While living in France, I kept up the bilingual language blog Diacritiques, but when I moved to London in 2006, the new job and the changed linguistic environment have made this undertaking peter out. I’m still rethinking what to do on the web, but this domain and site will from now on serve as my home base.

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