2 thoughts on “Some referential ambiguity.”

  1. Bloom submitted crash blossoms to the Urban Dictionary [on behalf of nessie3, who came up with the phrase in the first place], and Urban Dick accepted it, and now the New York Times Ben Schott’s language blog has listed Nessie3’s coinage as one of the top terms of 2009 in his year end columnblog, also known as a “blogumn” sometimes spelled as bloggiumn. Are you a bloggumnist too? So from its original inception at TestyCopyEditors to a slew (sp?) of blogs in the language cosmos to the New York Times, crash blossoms has really blossomed in just 6 months or so. Even though Philip Blanchard banned me from TestyCopyEditors for being too enthousiastic. Congrats Nessie3 in japan, where she works as an editor in Hokkaido.

  2. I remember reading that story, but I missed the unintentional humour in the caption. It really is an exceptional disguise.

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