The state of the beast

This site is slowly getting close to being ready to launch. I just upgraded it to WordPress 2.7, and to my dismay the upgrade didn’t go all smoothly. The first problem, PHP errors all over the place, seems to have been the caused by an incomplete FTP transfer. The second, after carefully re-uploading all parts, was more severe: suddenly the non-ascii characters, such as the ß in the blog’s name, were broken. I fixed it the same way that also fixed a similar issue that appeared for many blogs for the upgrade to 2.2: by removing this line from wp-config.php:

define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');

What makes it rather worrying is that this blog started out as a WP 2.6 install with correctly set up utf-8 tables. It’s too late to investigate further, though, and I’m glad we seem to be at least visually ok now.

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